Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Embroidered Sweatshirts

These were a project that my oldest sister dreamed up for me to do.  She gets these IDEAS and, well, lets just say the ideas are sometimes a bit of a stretch for me to feel comfortable with.  I guess they challenge me in a good way so I don't get too set in my ways of crafting. LOL!  I am going to open this post with the one that I think is the most fabulous because I just can't make it wait!  It was quite the undertaking.  A total of 5, yes 5 hoopings for this sweatshirt.  Four on the back and one on the front.  Oh yeah, and when she was giving me this sweatshirt she stated that she had to order it over the internet from somewhere foreign since she couldn't find the right color and cut anywhere else....NO PRESSURE!  The design on the back is quite huge.  It basically covers the whole back of the sweatshirt starting below the hood.  Thank goodness it turned out well!  So without further ado, here is the back of sweatshirt #1:

And the front:

The rhinestone paws were just ironed on, no embroidery work there :)  They were the Tulip brand.
The scrollwork embroidery design was one she hand-picked from Embroitique and it is called the Felisa Frame.  Pretty awesome if I do say so myself :)

Ok.  Now on to the other sweatshirts.  This next one only took 3 hoopings, yeah only three.  (BTW Cathy, if you are reading this, it may not sound like it, but I really do love you :) ) I appliqued the tiger stripe fabric with the letters that I created in my embroidery software.  I think the white outline made a nice contrast between the black sweatshirt and the  print fabric.  The pawprint on the hood was a freebie from Five Star Fonts Embroidery.

Now last, but not least in my book since this one I only had to hoop once...LOL...the LOOMIX sweatshirt. It is hunter orange with the camouflage fabric appliqued inside the letters.  The design is about 9" wide across the chest of the sweatshirt.  It is the name of my brother-in-law's business.  Actually this one was my niece's favorite *sigh* I really tried to convince her to like #1 the most but no luck.  Oh well.  I guess I am very happy with all three and she was too.

I hope you all have a crafty day!

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  1. Whoa!! You did a wonderful job on all of these! I too like the first one the best, but I like flourishes & swirls.

    1. Thanks so much! I am glad you like them!

  2. WOW!!!!I am impressed. Awesome design
    Thank you for joining my DL.ART Thankful Thursday Anything Goes April Linky Party
    DIANA L.