Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sewing Themed Cards

Sewing happens to be my first crafty love.  I remember sewing hairbows and very basic doll clothes with Mom’s sewing machine at age 5.  Yeah.  I truly am amazed that I never put a needle through any fingers!!  (yet…knock on wood!)  I think of my 6 year old sewing and it kinda freaks me out.
When I saw this paper stack in Hobby Lobby that was dedicated to sewing it was ALL MINE!  These were two very quick cards that are for any occasion made from that stack.

This one I actually sewed fabric onto the front of the card and I thought that added a neat background for the pin cushion die cut.
Of course through the years, my crafting projects have evolved far and wide, but I still do try to find time to sew.  What got you started in crafting?

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