Friday, June 20, 2014

Tornado Damage

Hello my crafty friends!  I am just popping in quickly to let you know I may not be around in the blogging world for a short while here.  We had a tornado hit my town and the surrounding country side on Tuesday evening.  Even though we are okay and our house is too, thank GOD, we have a lot of clean up work to do.

I watched the clouds start to form from my deck and I took this video with my camera.  The video quality isn't great, but it does capture the way the clouds were churning in circles.  I knew it was time to head to the basement then!

Here is a picture of the clouds.

I didn't stay outside any longer to see what transpired afterward!

My grandparents' farm (currently owned by my uncle and no one was living there) was completely destroyed.

So With all that being said, I will be helping with clean up over the next few days and I won't be creating any new make sure you spend extra time in your craft rooms just for me :)  

Plus it is an awesome reminder to be thankful of everything we have...including all of you who are reading this!  

I hope you all have a wonderfully crafty day and don't forget to tell your family and friends that you love them...we never know what may happen from one day to the next!


  1. Oh Beth nature can be so devastating and I am just thankful that you and your family are safe and well after this ordeal. We often see new reports on our tv news programs here in South Africa, covering tornadoes in America. All the best with the cleaning up.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. That is so scary, Beth! I am happy to hear that you and your family are ok.

    I hope the cleanup goes careful, too!

  3. I'm glad to hear that everyone is ok.

  4. So sorry Beth to hear this sad news but so happy you and your family are okay! Good luck with all the cleanup. Sending prayers your way~Hugs!
    Sherrie K

  5. Thinking of you and your family. Good luck to everyone with the recovery process. Wish I was there to help!

  6. Thank you for all of your concern and thoughts and prayers! It really means a lot!