Monday, August 29, 2016

Monogrammed Heart Necklace

Hello my crafty friends!  Beth from the DCWV Social Media Design Team here.  Today I have a little bit of a different craft for you.  It isn't made of paper...*GASP*...I know!  But seriously, my love of vinyl is right up there with my love of paper and since this is jewelry, what's not to love?
This project literally took 5 minutes tops.  It is from a new collection called Made Mine from Blue Moon Beads.  They are available at Joann Fabrics stores and make monogramming SO easy!  The enamel heart necklace and the silver adhesive letters come separate so you can mix and match styles and colors to make the perfect gift.
Since I work a lot with vinyl, I have a couple of tips for you when making these beautiful pieces of jewelry.

  • Wipe the surface to which I am going to apply the letters to with rubbing alcohol so it is free of dirt and/or oils.  
  • Never touch the adhesive side with your fingers!  The oils from your hands can break down the adhesive and make it not stick as well.  
  • I like to use clear transfer tape so I can see the exact placement.
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN and be creative :)


  1. I LOVE playing with Vinyl too Beth! Your necklace is so pretty! I like that you made in within 5 minutes and it doesn't look like you took 5 minutes! HA Have a wonderful day!


  2. How cute! I am going to have to check out this kit!

  3. Very pretty necklace! I love the pink and silver combination! I am really loving how quick and easy these are coming together. I know your niece will totally love this gift!