Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring Jamberry Manicure

I had some requests to share my nails with Jamberry wraps on after I posted THIS pretty gift idea with Jamberry wraps inside.   So here is what I am wearing right now!
I purchased the Coming Up Roses (now retired) wraps with the intention of wearing them for Easter.  Well, as it turned out, I didn't wear a pink dress that day, so I opted for a different manicure for that.  
 I love pink, so I didn't want to wait any longer to wear these beauties!   I added an accent nail of Sweet Surprise on my index finger.   I also added Bachelorette TruShine gel on my ring fingernails.   That is SO pretty!  Iridescent glitter and the wrap underneath still shows through.  I see myself using that A LOT in the future.  The pictures really don't do it justice!
So confession time...Jamberry is a new obsession for me!  Like the paper crafting world where there are so many textures and colors and patterns, Jamberry has all of that too, only for nails!  That is what spurred me to become an Jamberry Independent Consultant!  If you have any questions for me, either comment on this post or use the Contact Me tab that is at the top of the page :)

I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Your nails look beautiful! I love the fun Spring theme!

  2. These are so pretty I bought a pack of wraps last year and still have not used the, but I love the idea.