Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mario and Luigi Birthday Cards

Hello all!  Today is my oldest son's 10th birthday.  How the heck have I been a mom for a decade already??  Time sure flies, doesn't it!  He loves all things Mario right now as does my second oldest, who's birthday is on the 17th.  December is BUSY in our household to say the least.
 I didn't want them to have the same card, so I made both Mario and Luigi.  I made svg files for these out of basic shapes.  They are the same except for the mustache and the letter on the hat, just change the hat color!
The nose is popped up with thin foam tape, but other than that, everything is glued down, so the card is fairly flat.  I sure hope they love them!
I hope you have a wonderfully crafty day!


  1. These are very cute! I've always wanted to make them.

  2. These cards are so fun and adorable! I love how you created such amazing cards with basic shapes! Those staches are so cute too!

  3. Those are ADORABLE Beth! I made the Mario card a few years back when my son was into Mario big time - Such fun simple cards... who knew? LOL Wishing your boys Happy Happy Birthdays! :) Have a great weekend!